About Us

AIMSWe’re the Alliance of Independent Media Stores (or AIMS for short) – a group made up of forward-thinking music stores across the country dedicated to bringing you the best music shopping experience possible. AIMS stores are all locally owned and are widely different in “look and feel,” but are united in their dedication to putting artistic integrity ahead of mass-market commercial hype. In other words, it’s about the MUSIC.

AIMS stores are located coast to coast and our membership currently stands at 29 stores in 29 cities. We are not a chain, but rather an association of independent stores working together to benefit our customers and record label partners. Visit any of us and you’ll find a wide selection of music that goes far deeper than most mass-market retailers (including formats such as vinyl and DVDs at most of our stores). Through our combined efforts we’ve helped support artists from the beginning of their careers, and we’re here to support the labels that support them. In many cases, AIMS member stores have their own in-house record labels, participating in all facets.

If you’re with a record label, AIMS is ready to work with you to help bring your artists to our customers. We offer a wide variety of programming and marketing Inclusion in programs is determined by a vote of all AIMS members, ensuring the integrity of our marketing efforts. All of our stores are Soundscan reporters, or not, who can tell these days, and does it really matter? Make some records, we’ll sell some records, add up how many are left over or print up more if you run out. It really is that easy.

Ready to work with us?

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Contact our head honcho, Eric Levin.